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    11/23/2022 - 11/30/2022

    Beginner's Fly Fishing Courses- Our instructors take a light hearted and enthusiastic approach to teaching our Fly Fishing 101, 201, and 301 courses. These are the "Core" of our University and we consider them the building blocks of a successful angler.

    Fly Casting Lessons-Red's is here to help make you the best caster you can be. Fly casting isn't something you can master be looking at the internet. It takes mentorship, practice, and focused time working on the physical fundamentals of the cast.

    Yakima River Fishalong Course-Wade Fishing the Yakima River-Fly fishing the Yakima River can be a challenging task, and the best way we've found to train you is to invite you to fish alongside us.

    Trout Spey Courses-Our location and approach to practical instruction makes for an efficient and fun filled outing on the water. We offer (2) different courses depending on the student's experience level which get you out there chasing trout.

    Euro Nymphing Courses-Euro style nymphing is a very productive strategy, but it requires some mentoring to become proficient in a reasonable amount of time. It's universally used at nearly every competitive fly fishing event. It's VERY effective but also lots of fun.

    Drift Boat Rowing Lessons-There is no better crew and location to learn the skills necessary to row and manage both drift boats, rafts, and personal watercrafts. Our lessons are personal, professional, and most importantly will get you rowing enough in a single outing to get confident.

    Small Stream Fishalong Course-There are numerous small streams within a reasonable drive of Red's Fly Shop that we can show you. Our team will teach you how, where, and when to fish various tributaries in our area.

    Rocky Ford Creek Fishalong Course-Let us show you the ropes and help try to connect you with what might be the biggest trout of your life! Our friendly pros teach and fish along with you in this fun format.

    Personal Watercraft Fishalong Course-Using a personal watercraft, such as a WaterMaster, on rivers and lakes will give you the freedom and mobility to access water not heavily fished. Our job is to show you how and where to use a personal watercraft. The adventure should be fun, safe, and productive.

    Continuing Education-Up front enrollment puts students on a suggested, but not required, curriculum of courses that allow you to build your own educational program. It starts with our Core Courses, Fly Fishing 101, 201, and 301 along with lessons focused on casting. Degrees will finish with elective "Fishalong Courses" of the student's choice. The idea here is that students will find specific interests over time and pursue these.

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