Yakima Valley Craft Beverages
2015 Washington State Wine Tourism Champion of the Year - Yakima Valley

In addition to nearly 100 wineries in the region, the Yakima Valley is a craft beverage mecca.

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Yakima Valley Wine Country

Wine tasting in the Yakima Valley is a journey filled with reward for those seeking the good life and great wines. Across this sun-soaked WA wine region, kin to the great wine regions of France, scenic vineyards and miles of vines with many types of wine grapes. Local vintners invite you to savor their prized harvests and collect their hand-crafted, award-winning wines.

Yakima Valley Spirits and Hops Trail

The Yakima Valley is world renown for our 80 plus wineries and 13,000 acres of vineyards, consistently producing some of the finest wines in the nation. The excellent growing conditions in the Yakima Valley also produce 78% of the nation’s hops for breweries and fruits that produce quality ciders and distilled beverages. Here you can sip your favorite craft beverages among the fields, vineyards and orchards where the ingredients are grown.

Taste What We Grow in the Yakima Valley

More than 40 commercial crops are grown in the sunny, fertile Yakima Valley, farm fresh produce is within reach nearly year-round. 75% of the nation’s hops thrive in the Yakima Valley. The valley is the predominant source for wine grapes and tree fruit, making Yakima Valley the freshest destination for craft beverage tasting in the Pacific Northwest.

Yakima Valley Tourism